Lisa M. Taylor

Writer, Volunteer, and Filmmaker in Lake Worth, Florida

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I am a writer, volunteer, and aspiring filmmaker/photographer currently living in Lake Worth, Florida. My interests have a vast range due to my need for creating worlds that provoke thoughtful emotions and spark the "what if's".

I am a self-professed supernatural/Sci-Fi geek pseudo and otherwise. However, my writing, photography and future film ideas have yet to reach that point. Feeling the need to expand my thought processes I successfully completed an Urban drama novel, which I hope someday becomes a film or television series.

In my down time I find solace in a good book, a nice breeze and a little music. I am also an avid Sims player.

If I missed any information you may want or need please feel free to contact me through my publisher Sharmus D. Evans at Davar Publishing.