Lisa Millar

I'm Lisa, living in Chesterfield, Derbyshire with my partner Phil, our four cats and mad, crazy dog.

I work full time but when I'm off I live on the internet, usually in the darkest, deepest realms of Reddit or Facebook. I'm also pretty addicted to 'Second Life', as if having one wasn't enough!

I love my music, especially bands like the Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode and The Killers. I also love discovering new artists as well and confess to being a Spotify junkie:)

I collect graphic novels and comics; I'm a DC fan-girl and collect anything to do with Catwoman. I'm also loving the new 'Before Watchmen' series that launched somewhat controversially in June.

I'm Pagan but prefer to practise alone.

Things that make me happy are tea, cake, sunny autumnal days and cold wintry nights snuggled up with my pack.