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Beauty Boss, Avon Sales Representative, and Avon National Leader in the United States

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My name is Lisa Monoson & I have been a part of AVON as a Leader, Mentor,SE Regional Makeup Maven, Beauty Advisor and Sales Representative since October of 2000. I am the Team Money Makers coach & leader. Our team has over 500+ reps and growing all over the USA. We are a wonderful group of women & men leaders who enjoy selling ,sharing and showing our AVON businesses.

I thought I would share my personal AVON story with you. If you areconsidering joining AVON I hope you will make the decision to join our successful national team@ Code LMONOSON

My Story:

I got the AVON bug when a friend of mine starting selling AVON back in 2000. At the time I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child. I had been running a successful home daycare for years but knew once I had my 3rd son I wasn't going to be able to handle that many children along with my own three. So my quest for another income came into play. So I asked her how do I get started with Avon and what do I have to do. It seemed simple enough, hand out brochures, talk to 3 people a day and make follow up calls. After all AVON had been around for over 125+ years and I felt confident in the company and their products. I thought "What have I got to lose, I will check with some neighbors and places I already go and see what happens." Before I knew it I was selling $10,000- $38,000 in Avon a year achieving PC Club to Rose Circle levels. I joined Leadership not long after I started & I made UL then AUL & I am currently a National Gold Leader. My full Avon story with success tips is in the book that I am co-authoring is out now "A View From the Top Volume #3"

What started out for me as a business for just some extra money for the weekends & diapers etc. has turned into so much more. Financially, Its taken me on many free all expense's paid trips, paid for Christmases, grocery's, bills and my sons 2016 wedding 100% cash paid on AVON just to name a few. Growth its allowed me to break out of many comfort zones. Being chosen to be a role model for AVON Representatives and being featured in training videos, print and web what a dream! As a mom of 3 sons & a busy schedule, for me AVON has been a wonderful journey. It has continued to grow over the years to possibilities I never thought could be possible.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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