Lisa Nelson

United States

I am currently working on my PhD in Alternative Medicine and Natural Health, I'm a Physician Assistant, and a certified Medical Technologist, with a specialty in Clinical Microbiology, as well as a bone cancer survivor of over 30 years.

Personal experience with a health crisis in 1999 redirected my focus from allopathic to holistic methods of healing. After chemical poisoning, my body was catapulted into extreme food allergies, insulin resistance, endocrine insufficiency, PCOS, EBV and hypothyroidism. 7 years of research and dedicated effort delivered me from these ailments, restoring and balancing my body chemistry.

Because of this journey, I discovered the direction of my true life's passion, to help others heal wholistically, attending to mind, body and spirit.

I am currently writing articles and content for books about to be published.

I also offer classes and lectures for improving and maintaining individual health.
Some topics include:

*Stress Reduction techniques
*Chi Gong
*Holistic Nutrition
*Botanical Medicine
*Principles of Homeopathy and Bach Flower Essences

Private consultation services I offer:

*Psych-K facilitation for shifting limiting beliefs and habitual patterns of behavior to enable clients to advance and succeed in areas of life previously thought hopeless or impossible
*Holistic Weight Loss with individual coaching and menu planning
*Energy balancing and pain management