Lisa New

Consultant in Brisbane, Australia

I am an Independent Researcher and Consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. My focus is on 'Ethical', 'Safe' and ''Sustainable' AI/XR, Blockchain and Semantic Web Linked Data, integrated in a Scientific Collaboration Platform for Best Practice Reasoning for Real-world Risk and Resource Management. My skills range from computational cognitive reasoning algorithms for evidence-based consensus development, to Primitive Upper Ontology development and use in real-time serious gaming in extended reality by collaborative, accountable, cross-disciplinary teams working across language, bias and other barriers towards 'good' shared goals. As such, I design futuristic expert decision support systems, using an evolving peer-reviewed semantic web of evidence-based data that tells the 'whole story', as 'best as possible', in a common sense 'Model of the World', with holistic applied epidemiology. My approach is as an umbrella technique, with semantic integration of third party software, hardware, languages, protocols, data, evaluations, etc., and progressing in a continuous improvement collaborative approach towards shared wisdom.

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    • Independent Researcher
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    • Md
    • Mba International Business