Lisa New

Consultant in Brisbane, Australia

I have a special interest in developing a Thinking Web out of the Internet of Things, for the purpose of collaboration to create, disseminate, apply, evaluate and improve wisdom for a better world. In short, I offer a novel Formal Language and its use in a open knowledge, evolving Thinking Web as an umbrella over local data (the internet of ''everything''), and a tool for its mindful interpretation for the purpose of global risk and resource management. It is both human and machine readable, and independent of an individual's local language. It can also be tailored for layperson use (think - a Robust Wikipedia Editing Tool). The Language's Smart Algorithm enables collective hypothesis formulation and testing using natural language facts and opinions, statistical probability and likelihood, and virtual reality simulation, with the aim to optimize real-time and preventive transparent risk and resource management in an evidence-based approach (think - shared Dashboard).

In the process, the Language supports the peer-reviewed development of a linked digital Library for decision-support and high quality free education. In effect, this would enable researchers to integrate the content of their work a shared Knowledge Repository; and find 'new' useful' and 'important' contributions through a process of open consultation in an expert network (think - user-friendly LinkedIn).

The Language Algorithm is unique, as it brings an ethical and legal Framework for public service decision making into play, with end-users playing a transparent role as co-decision makers (think - lower professional indemnity and health insurance costs; decreased litigation). The resulting Shared Decision Support adheres to the principles of accessible, peer-reviewed and reliable information that is freely available for the purpose of education and robust decision making about best practice policies for the common good (think - dynamic evidence based policies as Algorithms that are continuously pattern matched to aggregated data).

In the field of health care it supports a patient-centered preventive care model with holistic virtual care teams supported by expert input from global research would be made possible. As a supply chain monitor and evaluator, the project management aspect would support continuous improvement of services and products based on short and long term outcomes.

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    • Independent Researcher
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    • Md
    • Mba International Business