Lisa Resnick

This is a free RSS reader that brings all the content you want to read into one easy place, where you can organize it and share it. It’s like reading an online magazine customized just for you. You can even create folders to keep your feeds organized – this is helpful because you can segregate content by subject or mood, then browse different folders on different days to be sure you’re posting a good range of content. For example, you could have a “Life Insurance” folder, a “Family General Interest” folder, an “Estate Planning” folder, etc. All you have to do is start noting which sources you get your news from, and which topics you want to share with your audience. What happens when you get auto likes on instagram your friend's photos? They like you more. Yep, that's what happens. Bonus: You can also import content from YouTube channels and Google alerts. This social search tool lets you search for posts based on hashtags. Enter a hash tag into the search box and voila – you get a complete list of recent social media posts made by others containing that hashtag. You can then share or reply. For example, if you type in #lifeinsurance, you’ll see posts from other agents, agencies, consumers, and magazines. This is a good way to see what networks people who use similar hashtags to you are posting on. Sticking with our #lifeinsurance example, most posts are sourced from Twitter and Instagram. If you don’t see anything you’d like to share, you can still get good ideas for content of your own.

Create Useful Content around Those Interests

Once you know what kind of content your audience enjoys or is searching for, take that information and create something useful. Achieve this by developing content that educates, interests or entertains the audience. Though educational content is often very successful, sometimes people want to consume content about something that interests them but won’t necessarily teach them something new. If you're wondering how do i buy likes on instagram or Instagram pictures likes, then it's all about picking the right website. This is where entertaining content can be extremely beneficial. Everyone loves to laugh or smile every once in a while. If you can make someone laugh (or cry), you’re tapping into your audience’s genuine emotions. This type of content i