Lisa Rose

Lisa Campanelli-Rose is the owner & Art Director of Campanelli Designs, as well as a Marketing Partner at WEBE Running. She is a dynamic, highly creative individual who thinks well outside of the proverbial box; far beyond traditional boundaries. A runner; both literally and figuratively, Lisa is an energetic woman who approaches every endeavor both holistically and passionately.

What does Lisa Campanelli-Rose do?
…Creates possibilities. In the most concrete sense, by artfully and ingeniously helping to grow and promote businesses through traditional marketing strategies, as well as social media. She builds and maintains strong working and personal relationships. With a love for writing and a keen eye for advertising design Lisa has a degree in Communication from Suffolk University (formerly New England School of Art & Design in Boston, MA). Lisa is able to strategically take companies from mere concepts to well-branded players.

In 2010 she became involved with Webe Running. Webe initially began as a group of individuals who met regularly to run for physical fitness, as well as support each other in this habitual enterprise. Eventually Lisa segued Webe into a group who not only ran and supported one another, but became more intimately involved in each other’s lives; helping to foster one another’s personal and professional growth. She accomplished this through the creation of programs developed to inspire women to reach personal and professional goals; one such program being “5k on our way.” This is a blueprint, which takes beginning runners to their first 5k in an 8-week period, while simultaneously setting positive intentions to improve their lives.

Who is Lisa Campanelli-Rose?
…Above all else, a wife, mother of two amazing daughters and a good friend. She is a peace activist with a natural gift to inspire, who aims high and works diligently to create possibilities for others by seeking out and maintaining long-term relationships with those who inspire her.

If you or your business is in need of a company with the ability to provide outstanding creative services in tandem with social media promotion, contact Lisa!