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Selling All Types Of Clarinets Across The United States

Lisa’s clarinet Shop has been selling clarinets since it was founded in 1985. We have been in the industry for over 30 years, which gives us a special insight into the needs of clarinet clients. We operate two fully-stocked stores in two locations in the United States, namely Glen Ellyn, IL and Catonsville, MD. We mainly specialize in the sale of Buffet Crampon clarinets because of their high quality. We have posted our inventory on our website. We also have a fully secure shopping cart on the site for e-commerce and online shopping. Lisa’s Clarinet Shop also receives orders by phone, mail, email, and through the order form on its website. We are the premier clarinet store in the United States.

Types Of Clarinets On Sale

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop sells many different families of clarinets. We only sell high-quality clarinets from reputable manufacturers like Buffet Crampon. Some of the clarinet families that we deal in include:

• Bb Clarinets

• A Clarinets

• Eb Clarinets

• C Clarinets

• Bass Clarinets

You can order a clarinet on any playing level including:

• Student

• Intermediary

• Professional

Other Items For Sale

In addition to our clarinet sales, we also sell clarinet repair or replacement parts, such as:

• Barrels

• Bells

You can also order used instruments from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop. We also sell clarinet cases and some high-end auxiliary instruments.

Clarinet Repair Services

Our stores are located inside clarinet repair shops. These are independently run businesses but you can always bring your broken clarinet for repairs in any of our locations.

Lisa's Clarinet Shop