Lisa Turnbull

London, United Kingdom.

Reward Gateway is the UK's leading provider of integrated employee benefits. Working with almost 1,000 clients globally, we now provide flexible benefits solutions to 2.5 million employees in the UK, US, Australia and ROI.

While any benefits or perks are always great, there is so much noise out there that it can sometimes be hard to show your employees just how many amazing rewards you offer them. That's where I come in - it is my job at Reward Gateway to work with our client services teams to develop comms strategies that not only wow your staff but also show them just how awesome it is to work for you.

I've been with RG for 3 years now and have worked through the ranks of Client Services and also spent an amazing 8 months as a Product Manager getting to know the business from the other side of the fence. I've worked with a wide variety of clients from different business sectors working with them to deliver an effective employee benefits programme to fit their employee demographics. If I've learnt one thing it's that no one business is exactly the same as another... If you have any queries about how RG can knock the socks off of your employees too, please just give me a shout.

  • Education
    • University of Sheffield