Lisa Wel

Paris, France

"Lisa has changed. A few months ago, she was a lazy person, living her life day after day without any apparent goal. She was just passively doing things. This behavior changed when she met that wonderful person who just taught her a new way of thinking, but above all, a new way of living that suited her. She was taught the words improve, concessions, goals and it definitely is making her happier. The « Lisa's new life package » now includes brand new features : early risings, bikram yoga at 7 a.m, healthier food, new habits, no quitting at difficult or boring tasks and so much more.

The magic word to succeed at this new exciting challenge is :


From now on, she works on her skills and habits a little bit everyday, which sharpen her mind and gives her more strength and willpower to succeed at what she wants in life.

A new day has come, and it's just the beginning."

I finally became a coach!Hire me!

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  • Education
    • University Paris 1 Sorbonne
    • EFAP
    • Ecole des Roches