Lisette Quintero

Fort Myers, Florida

Born in the Big Apple but consider myself a Floridian since I have lived here most of my life on and off. I enjoy working hard and attending to my two fur kids and husband.

I specialize in branding and identity, event planning, event marketing, advertising, website production/operations, social media, editing, proofreading, executive management, customer service and technical support.

I strive to effectively produce the best quality product and promote accordingly to meet company objectives in an individual or team environment.

My computer skills are exceptional with expertise in a variety of network and internet applications.

Coming from a Cuban background I am fluent in Spanish.

During my down time, I have fun taking my adopted dogs to the park for a quick romp. They don't like to stay long since they are A/C dogs after all. Two large dogs in the household, a mutti-gree and a pedi-gree. Over the years, I have gathered an extensive collection of dog memorabilia from books, to artwork, figurines and jewelry. Dogs and work are my passion and I live them to the fullest.