Lisha Sterling

Seattle, Washington, United States

Lisha Sterling has been writing code and messing about with computers for fun since the age of 8, and for a living since the age of 21. She has worked for a large US bank, a giant Internet retailer, and an assortment of Web and Mobile startups. She has always been interested in niche topics that other developers didn't care too much about at the time -- accessibility, internationalization, privacy -- and is pleased that each of these topics has become a mainstream concern in their time. Back at the Giant Internet Retailer, she preached the gospel of "Zusamenarbeit" to encourage Seattle-based coders to think about internationalization and their colleagues working in Europe and Asia back when US dollar signs were still hard-coded in the server software. At a string of startups she encouraged architects and developers to think about everything from alt-tags on images to haptic feedback in mobile interfaces when management thought those were unnecessary luxuries. Eventually, she got tired of swimming upstream, and decided to go hang out in a pond where everyone was working on those things she cared about.

Lisha started at Geeks Without Bounds as a volunteer in 2010, and first joined the staff as a blogger. She joined the core team as the Developer Coordinator in 2013 and became Executive Director in July of 2014.

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