Lish Dorset

Lish Dorset loves to craft and inspire others around her craft (including her cat Ronnie), too. She’s a regular contributor to Craft as well as Maker Faire. A lifelong Michigan resident, Lish is a part of Handmade Detroit, a DIY gang that’s been hosting the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Michigan’s first indie craft fair, since 2006. While she loves all crafting mediums, she spends most of her time sewing, quilting, and finding ways to involve a glass of wine into projects. Lish likes Martha Stewart a lot. Make that a WHOLE lot. When Lish isn’t crafting at night, she spends her days as a digital strategist for Weber Shandwick Detroit focusing on social media-ness. A former reporter and news designer, Lish loves to help tell people’s stories online.

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