Lison Mechaly

Paris, France

I grew up in Canada and lived in the USA for many years before moving to Paris. Ah! the city of lights. It's been quite an adventure giving up the old and adjusting to the new, especially since it seems to be more like the other way around. Sounds confusing I know! I'm confused too and still trying to sort this out.

I have two adult sons who are very happy I remarried and live now on the other side of the atlantic ocean, and a new french husband to nag at my heart's desire. ( We're still in the " I love everything about you " phase, so I'm good for a little while ). I worked in the fashion industry for way too long and now, well I'm just enjoying life in Paris and trying to blend in although I should just give up on the "blending" part.

I'm done with the sightseeing/shopping/museum scene. That stuff is for tourists and if you ever stood in line to get into a Paris museum or the Eiffel Tower, you'd know how ridiculously long and painful that is.

To keep busy and sane, I do freelance translation work, I'm working on a book project....and blogging about my expat life in Paris. It hasn't been all that easy for me but some of it is at least quite funny!

A bientôt


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    • Freelance Translation
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    • B.A. Political Science