Therapy, psychology, and CoParenting in Grand Junction, Colorado


Therapy, psychology, and CoParenting in Grand Junction, Colorado

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Listen 2 Kids Productions sprouted in April of 2010 as the production arm of Partners in Parenting, a Grand Junction organization that provides a variety of parenting classes for the community.

Sue Polan, the chief cook and bottle washer, for both companies, has been passionately working with and for kids for over 40 years. Working in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, a Pediatric Office, in a private counseling practice, as an adult educator and as a private consultant, she has never ceased to be amazed at the wisdom of children! “They have so much to say if only we will take the time to listen!”

To that end, the Listen 2 Kids film series was created. The kids are clear and passionate about what they have to say. Their goal in being interviewed is “Have the grown ups hear us!” And they have been heard. Throughout the US and Canada, in courts, parenting programs, volunteer trainings, schools, colleges, universities, health care offices and in family homes these DVDs have been streamed and played.

Adults may not listen to other adults, but when they slow down and listen to what the kids have to say, that is a different matter.


What Parents Need to Know from Kids About Divorce (2010)

Illness in the Family; Children Confronting Uncertainty (2011)

Grief and Loss; A Child’s Perspective (2012)

Siblings of Autism; The Challenge and the Hope (2013)

I See Your Ability; Inclusion in the Classroom (2014)

The High Cost of High Conflict Divorce for Children; Damage Through the Lifespan (2014)

How can you best use these ideas for patient education?

Staff training. Sue has gone to pediatric offices and done an in service with office staff, showing a film and doing follow up activities. It proved immensely profitable in team building and in patient care. She is happy to hire out to do that, or you may do that yourselves, in house.

Online streaming subscriptions are available for streaming in waiting areas. (An office ordered several DVDs that they played for patients, but the patients liked them so much that they were consistently stolen)

Online streaming subscriptions are available for patient streaming in their own homes. Your office subscribes for a year and you may give the user name and password to unlimited number of patients within that year.

How can we best support you in providing patient education?