Miami, FL is a unique interactive media portal designed for companies and individuals to submit and archive their pro-active press releases and editorial messages. Visitors to can submit, view and search relevant content before conducting a web search.

Visitors that register with can advertise within our hosted content using Anchor Links. They can deliver their messages through our patent pending delivery system.

Press Releases and Editorials are pro-active and they are the most powerful forms of message delivery. Press Releases and Editorials, written by someone who has a strong interest in the message contained in the article, are often a far better source of relevant information than news reported by third parties who may have their own agendas. indexes, categorizes and archives Press Releases and Editorials gathered twenty-four hours a day from those submitted by visitors registered directly. domestic and international sources include major wire services, businesses, government entities, not-for-profit organizations and other entities and individuals. provides a centralized location to search relevant Press Release and Editorial information instead of visiting multiple sites to find specific content.