James Liter

I am a philosopher, photographer, poet, and IT specialist, recently returned from a (very) extended stay in Europe. I currently reside in the Great Lakes region of the United States.

A deep concern for nature and the human condition has led to my current interdisciplinary work in the human sciences, with a strong Jungian focus on immanence and symbolic form as aspects of the origins and functions of human relationships to nature, self, other, and sacred.

I am currently finishing my undergraduate work in Philosophy and Archetypal Studies before (hopefully) going on to a PhD program in Philosophy. My emphasis is on Environmental Human Science, focusing on the intersection of depth psychology, philosophy, mytho-religious traditions, and environmental studies.

I recently started a new business, Silverbranch Technology and Services. The overarching goal of Silverbranch is to combine and reorient needed skills, talents, and abilities gained in nearly two decades in the corporate world to support a more holistic and sustainable future. With particular interest in participating in the solution to the varied environmental, cultural, spiritual, philosophical, and social issues of today, Silverbranch offers services in the areas of web presence design and engineering, technology consulting, and creative and project support.

My publications include an upcoming essay entitled “In These Hidden Places: An Ecology of Aesthetics,” to appear in Written River, a Journal of Eco-Poetics. Past publications include a collection of poetry and photography for diverse publications, as well as technical white papers.