mammon megpoids

I go by Mammon, Victor, Jan or Miller


trans man- he/him or it/its

white/middle class/not physically disabled

sex-repulsed asexual and panromantic, polyamorous

professionally diagnosed as autistic and depressed, personally looking into schizoid personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder

my current special interests are law, herpetology, and religion with a Roman Catholic bent. feel free to strike up conversation about them anytime, please. I love animals too, they're not exactly an interest but I like to talk about them as well.

I have a wide array of original characters exceeding the thousands and a very... rich internal life but I have a hard time talking about them unprompted. If you're interested in them still feel free to bring it up or ask for my charahub though it's in some disrepair. If you have ocs yourself PLEASE tell me about them! I love other people's characters.

I'm overall better at listening than talking though I do ramble when I have the chance to. I'm very unlikely to initiate conversation myself or follow first but I don't mind being engaged first.

here comes the real sjw shit stop reading if you dont care about the other identities and kintypes

my general kin: ghost/demon/monsterkin

therian: frogs (my username Litoria Caerulea, also known as dumpy frogs)

fictional ids, most important to least:

L Lawliet (Death Note)

Gallerian Marlon (Evillious Chronicles)

Shintaro Kisaragi (Kagepro)

synpaths: Mikami Teru, Damien Karras (The Exorcist), Deckard (Blade Runner)

facets and headmates:

Nep(headmate)- ne/it aux she- autistic, not straight, kin of Nepeta from Homestuck, Ene from Kagepro

Weevil(facet)- it/he- nebulously mentally ill, violent, bisexual, a real demon. ids as: weevil underwood from yugioh, pollution from good omens, kuroha from kagepro, amaimon from blue exorcist

4("Chess")(facet?)- any pronouns but disinclined to she/her. schizoid, megalomaniacal, has 7 facets of their own. no kins though identifies with some characters. asexual aromantic-questioning. not a hard and fast rule but i don't recommend much interaction?


my comfort characters are Watari from Death Note, Michelle Marlon and the Clockworkers Doll from Evillious, Jyushimatsu Matsuno from Osomatsu-san, and Gumi Megpoid (Vocaloid). Nep's is Kankri Vantas.