sexe craig.exe

🌟 lito/craig/alex

🚀 he/him

🌟 14

🚀 taken

🌟 michigan, usa

🚀 i have severe bpd, depression, and anxiety.

🌟 please don't follow me if we share kins, you're kin with one of my friend's kins, or you follow someone who thinks they're me.

🚀 interests: cr1tikal, south park, sense8, game grumps, halloween, oc's, ahs, steven universe

🌟 100% me, not even kin: craig tucker (south park)

🚀 main kin: lito rodriguez (sense8)

🌟 synpath: artemis (greek mythology)

🚀 dm: [heterosexual gibberish] for me to accept yr follow

🌟 have a nice day!