Kassi Stavenjord

Wasilla, Alaska

- Kassi Here! (a.k.a. little_alliopa) - sushi enthusiast, professional saunter-er, full time Parachute Packer and part time hockey player. Lover of dogs with a logical view on life that contradicts the fact that I am, indeed a woman.

- Spawned in Alaska, but dabbled in the lower 48 for close to 18 years. Moved back to AK in '05 at a feeble attempt to momentarily quiet my gypsy soul.

- Consistently taking photographs of anything and everything that crosses my path. The sole purpose of sharing all my adventures and views on life through the eyes of my camera.

- In love with an amazing man with the patience of a saint. Mother to a beautiful furry dog named Tandum, who saved my lonely soul and showed me an unconditional love I did not know existed.