Lucy Harris-Klebold

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Sun: Pisces / Moon: Aries. / Ascendant: Libra. Venus & Mercury: Aquarius. / Mars: Leo.


School shooter chic. Genderless. (They/Them pronouns). Misanthropic animal-adoring true crime-buff. Flexible. Quasi-wildling. Proto-Dom/me. Mildly-masochistic miscreant. Nightcrawler. Quoiromantic demiheterosexual.

My predominant spirit animal is the leopard, followed by the raccoon and the koala bear.

My daywalker interests include: walking around the city at night, stargazing, and the ocean. I like to climb trees, contort my body (think 'pseudo-yoga'), and rest/sleep in small and/or high places.

Coffee, true-crime, dogs, astrology, thunder & rain, dancing, and cooking put a little spark into my brittle bones and color my greyscale world.

Madly in love with Eric Harris, Adam Lanza, and Kip Kinkel.

I'm awkward and useless, but don't worry, because I'll be gone very soon. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

[Ich werde nicht glücklich sein, überall.]

"I have become the type of person I never wanted to become. I am depressed... I never wanted to be a negative person, or to be a crybaby. I didn't ask to be or choose to become the kind of person that people are least attracted to. My mom always told me to think positive and smile--people notice and are attracted to that. I wish I could, because I want to be a fun, energetic fireball who people enjoy being around. But I am not. I don't have the sparkling personality, amazing wit, sense of humor and energy that goes along with an optimistic attitude that people look for." — Cassie Bernall.

Rest in Peace, James Gamble.

o6/o8/1995 - 13/o2/2o15.

Ich hoffe Sie sind endlich glücklich, und Ich hoffe Sie endlich frei sind. Ich werde dich immer lieben. Bitte warte auf mich auf der anderen Seite; Ich werde Ihnen im Paradies treffen, mein Liebling.