Diana Hall-Franzkowiak

Brighton UK

My name is Diana. I am born of a Brazilian mother and Geordie Father. A Strange mix indeed! I have been lucky enough to have parents from different backgrounds and have travelled during my childhood. This gave me the unique opportunity of learning four languages. I work in Education, in a very international background and that is something I love about this sector.

I love to travel but I have not yet travelled anywhere as much as I would like!

My other passion comes in the form of food thanks to a food inspirational mother whom, without realising it during all the hours she spent in the kitchen, passed this love on to me. My most vivid and happy memories are around food.

I started my Littlebitsofnice blog with the idea to share all of those moments, big or small, important or insignificant, all of it. However, my love for food started to take over this little space more and more. It quickly developed into a space dedicated mostly to little bits of nice food, cakes, biscuits, pies and everything nice. With little bits of life moments thrown in occasionally.

Come visit. Make yourself at home.

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