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I am a 36 year old Mother of two teenage boys and live in the United States. I am a survivor of abandonment, sexual exploitation, rape, physical, mental, verbal, sexual and emotional abuse, as a child and as an adult. I am Bipolar and was diagnosed as having PTSD 1 year ago from the domestic abuse I endured. I was married for almost 20 years before I finally had the courage to say enough.

I have been going to therapy for years off and on and was unable to get the "release" I was needing in telling my story. I couldn't speak about any of this to family and friends, because they would judge me and not understand. I created Little Girl Lost Strong Woman Found for me to air out my pain, frustration and hopefully heal. What I have found is that creating Little Girl Lost Strong Woman Found has been so empowering and liberating than words can explain. All of my years in therapy combined have not taken me to the depths and lengths in my journey to freedom that I have found with all of these wonderful, beautiful, strong and courage people that I now call my friends from my blog.

Little Girl Lost Strong Woman Found has brought me close to others like me. I am invested in them. I worry about them and always have them in my thoughts. I encourage them, understand them, cry for them, believe them and believe in them and LOVE them. They understand how hard it is to be vulnerable by speaking about our experiences. They also know the depth of what it means when another survivor says they understand and they love them. Love is not freely given by a survivor as it is hard for us to trust. Here at Little Girl Lost Strong Woman Found, in these blogs, we let down our vulnerabilities, lift up our voices, give love and most importantly encouragement to each other.

We all have had the same experiences, although our stories are different, our scars are the same and our journies are just as tough as the next person's. We are together an unbreakable force and strength with a voice to move mountains and tear down walls. We share our struggles from the travels on this journey to find freedom and our strength. We are each others best medicine.

You as a reader will find others with the same past that are willing to listen. You will find respect, trust, understanding, love, sensitivity, no judgement or condemnation, confidence, strength and YOUR VOICE! We are so happy you have chosen to look around the site and hope to make you a regular friend. We

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