Little Push

Project Manager, Volunteer, and activist in Beirut, Lebanon

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In good times and hard times, we all need a little push to make our world move forward.

Little Push offers creative modern tools of communication creating projects and initiatives that would fill the voids to achieve a specific social cause. To spread public awareness and to turn a passive citizen into an active supporter are the main two pillars of Little Push mission in every work it leads.

Little Push’s vision is to connect people, associations, and companies to each other, creating a form of unity towards one goal: to support an individual, a society or a village while
elaborating hubs of social, environmental and humanitarian driven actions.
This vision is the core engine that speeds the reach of Little Push’s achievements.

In a shared informational era, constant connection to the entire planet is a need to reach not only who is within our borderline, but also who lives around the globe. Therefore is created to be the first project of Little Push. It’s the first Lebanese crowd-funding website for sharing social awareness, for offering volunteering services, for funding social, environmental and humanitarian Lebanese causes, and for donating to Lebanese NGO’s. To be none political, none religious, none sectarian and to have Lebanese beneficiaries are the essentials conditions to join the HelpForLeb Lebanese crowd. The vision of is to gather and connect the Lebanese Diaspora, Lebanese locals, Lebanese NGO’s and Lebanese companies under one cause: Lebanon.

The second achievement of Little Push is called With the same model as, has a wider target and reaches the displaced population in Lebanon and hopefully the whole Arab region.

We believe that technology should not only connect people, but also put them together for a positive impact, and a better tomorrow.

We all need a little push to make our world move forward.

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