Anton Litvinenko

Anton Litvinenko is the co-founder and CTO of Programeter, which is his second start-up along with devPulse co-founded with Mark Kofman. Anton is an experienced researcher in the field of computer science. The technological core of Programeter is based on his thesis Automatic Prediction of Source Code Contribution Type. Anton’s conception of intelligent project management software was a winner of New Entrepreneurs in Technology and Science (NETS) business ideas competition. Anton’s 10 years of working experience in the field of software development as a developer, a software systems architect and a team lead has influenced greatly the concept of Programeter as a useful metrics tracking kit to meet the needs of various software stakeholders. Anton is constantly engaged in perfection of Programeter architecture. In his spare time, he lectures at the University of Tartu on the topic of software metrics and actively participates in the life of the software development community devClub.