Litzara Basilio Hernández

Student in Colima, México

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Her name is: Litzara Basilio Hernández, she is my sister, she has born on 28 november of 1994 in Puebla City at 9:45 am in the hospital call it ISSTE. Actually my sister ends the university on accountant public but she does not work because still gets job. She likes eat seafood and pizza also in the morning she likes make exercise with me until she was a child loves watches movies of love. She heat the colors darks because she feels scary also she heats dances, sings and walk wit peoples unhappy. In the mornings she gets up at 7:00 am always checks her phone or talk with friends, she has breakfast for me, she does not a hobby but loves read books. She usually outside with friends but always talks with my family. My sister cleans up her room every day and goes to bed late once a week. Finally i love my sister.