Dahlia Ambrose

Photographer, Writer, and Teacher in England, United Kingdom

Dahlia Ambrose

Photographer, Writer, and Teacher in England, United Kingdom

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Sensitive, and sympathetic, eloquent and loves to read. Untiring and considerate when interested or involved. Enjoys roaming the world .

During her tenure with various companies / organisations, she has received appreciations from higher management personally and in the form of awards which also include getting promoted to jobs that require more skills, strengths, dedication and focus.

Has more than 10 years of experience working in various office environments in the UK, from private to government organisations as Team administrator, where she was involved in all office related tasks that also include, database management, records management, file management, taking minutes in meetings, liaising with customers relevant to each job, organising meetings, creating spreadsheets for business purposes right from maintaining employee records to controlling stock and company turnover data, maintaining outlook and google calendars, using google drive to store, share and archive data, google docs, google sheets, google slides and MS Access.

Has experience in proofreading, copying data from PDF to MS Word and MS Excel, converting documents (Word to PDF and PDF to Word, etc.), Redacting sensitive information from PDF documents, creating PDFs, Mail merge, formatting, etc.

With more than 5 years of teaching experience in various countries, she has experience tutoring one to one and a small group of students and teaching in schools and colleges where she has created unit plans, created reports on student work, delivered classes, demonstrations in lab and maintained up to date student records.

Besides the above,

A Physicist who understood physics better through research and self study. Has published two papers in International Journals. Research was the best part of her University life

A Writer who loves to write about anything that fascinates, provokes or interests her by putting in her best of efforts and thoughts into it.

As a past Lecturer in Physics, enjoyed teaching and lab demonstration, sharing and gaining knowledge that helped her learn a lot. Enjoyed every minute that was spent teaching and realised that the difference it makes to one's life is incredible!

She also has years of experience in Logistics, Administration, Data Assurance, Customer service and Data Entry. These have helped her understand almost all areas of the retail industry, services to the public / government and has helped her gain many skills and talents and has also shaped her personal life

  • Education
    • M.Phil Physics