In 1999 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was only 16 years old and at that time, my whole world felt as if it was crumbling around me. The doctors who were caring for me basically told me that I could never be normal again.

I decided that I had to choose between giving up and taking control of my treatment by facing the daily injections and blood testing of diabetes with purpose. I was fortunate enough to find that purpose in the outdoors--specifically in the dream of being a rock climber.

I formed LivingVertical Inc in Aug of 2011 to create opportunities for diabetics to be empowered through climbing and adventure programs in the outdoors. On January 15th 2013 I completed my 365th consecutive day of climbing to show the world that diabetes is a stepping stone, not a roadblock!

I am currently working to produce a documentary from the footage and photos I accumulated over the past year. Visit for more information--and our photo and video galleries!