Livio Bisterzo

Entrepreneur in Los Angeles, California

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Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur. He lives in Los Angeles. He is married with 3 Children. Bisterzo resided to the UK in 1999 at the age of 18 and studied at London’s prestigious University of the Arts. Coming from a marketing background Bisterzo's first entrepreneurial venture was in 2003, when he founded an events business. Bisterzo went on to create a business portfolio ranging from hospitality (Maddox Club, Pollen St) and consumer brands (Kyoku for Men, Little Miracles) to other lifestyle businesses.

In 2015 Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings, a new food innovation company in the rapidly growing health and nutrition sector, with a mission to create innovative multichannel food and drinks brands. The company's objective is to build a portfolio with a clear focus on "Better for you" natural propositions, by operating brands that have lasting social impact and prompt behavioural and cultural change. The vision is to lead the agenda for positive change in the food and drink industry. Green Park creates, grows and invests in a new generation of multichannel, better-for- you food brands.

In 2016 the company launched its first brand Hippeas.

CEO, Green Park Brands, Livio Bisterzo, says: “HIPPEAS has everything it takes to become the next globally loved snack brand. We truly believe that there is a great opportunity to revive this category by creating a premium, affordable, better-for- you proposition. HIPPEAS and its mission of changing snacking “one chickpea at time”, does exactly that. Its brand world and the product proposition embodies every major snacking global trend, while delivering a very powerful emotional storyline to its millennial audience.

Core to the HIPPEAS brand mantra of ‘Peas Love & Giving Back’ and the insight to its millennial, ‘modern hippie’ consumer, HIPPEAS believes that ‘tastes good’ and ‘do good’ can be in the same sentence. To bring this brand purpose to life, HIPPEAS has partnered with Farm Africa. For every pack sold, HIPPEAS will be giving back by supporting farmers in eastern Africa grow themselves out of poverty and build more prosperous lives. Click the link above to visit the HIPPEAS homepage.