Liviu Caliman

Dublin, Ireland

Authentic development & success aligned with the higher Self. Why?

The soul calling: ► Better lives ► better leaders ► better world… Life can be more beautiful!

► Life purpose: to live from the level of my higher Self, to inspire, empower and support others to be the best they can be(come) and, together with others, to contribute in my own way – whatever small or big this will turn out to be – to personal and social transformation, development (including spiritual development), authentic success, peace, and wellbeing: for us as people, for our communities and societies, nature, the planet, and future generations.

To be the change and make a difference, living an authentic, meaningful, fulfilled, blessed and rich life.

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Thank you for your time and curiosity. May you find your blessings… Have a wonderful day!

Liviu C. Caliman