Liviu Costea

Software Developer in România

Liviu Costea

Software Developer in România

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I am a Systems engineer currently living in România. I started as a web developer, worked mostly in .NET, node.js and React. But at some point I started doing infrastructure and release engineering (what some people call devops) and I am still doing it right now with bash and golang mostly on Kubernetes. And I am involved in open source, writing code in javascript and golang for Gatsby and Argo organisations

I like to give talks and workshops at conferences from time to time, show people how things are working under the hood. My recent speaking activity:

Lightning talk on GitOps with ArgoCD at Cloud Native Amsterdam 2019

Lightning talk at 2019 about Kubernetes architecture and ArgoCD

Talk about Mambu's cloud native journey at Iasi Codecamp 2019

Kubernetes 101- workshop for backend developers - 2 editions done in 2019 part of the Iasi Cloud Native Meetup

Complete infrastructure Automation on AWS (Terrafom and Ansible) at Iasi AWS User Group, at Iasi Codecamp 2017 and at Riga Dev Days 2017 (video)

Ansible Automation Workshop atIasi DevOps meetup

Edge Performance with In-memory NoSQL Talk atVoxxed Days Belgrade 2016,Voxxed Days Vienna 2017 (video)and atIasi CodeCamp 2016

Here is the video of the talk I gave at Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links. I always love geeky discussions around containers, container orchestration and microservices.