Liz Lansdown

Project Manager in the United Kingdom

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My main passion is video games, specifically the psychology that drives mechanics and gameplay. It is a fascinating area of media as it is an artistic output of a very science driven development.

I am also one for many hobbies as I like to always have something to read, make, watch or do. My main creative outlet is jewelry/craft making as it takes me away from the screen and lets me listen to music while creating something that I have made from start to finish that others will enjoy.

When I get the chance I also love to travel and have so far visited or passed through most of Europe, parts of Japan and gone back to New Zealand a few times and have explored a lot of the UK as well.

I am also passionate about the need for more understanding of Neurodiversity, as each persons brain is set up in different ways, and that provides each person with many different strengths and weaknesses, not disabilities.

  • Education
    • MSc Video Game Enterprise and Production
    • BA(Hons) Computer Game Design