Lloyd Aickin


Fascinated with the broadness of molecular ecology and evolution, and conservation genetics, Dr. Lloyd Aickin aims to share his interests with his students at the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the Faculty of Science of the University of New South Wales Australia. He pursues a culture of excellence at work to be able to influence the lives of his students positively, while equipping them to be contributors to the nation and the world. Every day, Dr. Aickin strives to be an award-winning and engaging lecturer, someone who can inspire, motivate and influence students. Lloyd tries hard to play a pivotal role in the learning experience of the young minds he is entrusted with.
Lloyd Aickin determinedly uses his command of science to feature resources and curricula instrumental in the students’ science learning. He also consistently seeks to foster independent learning and to highlight the interconnection between teaching and research. Lloyd encourages independent thinking in class, knowing that this plays an essential part in developing future scientists who never stop asking why. This, in his mind, makes the quintessential UNSW student, someone who will truly never stop moving.
Students past and present consider Dr. Lloyd Aickin a wonderful mentor, as he has constantly been committed to assessment and feedback. His lectures are always something to look forward to thanks to how he is always prepared with various teaching strategies to make everything more interesting. He strives to offer respect and support for his students as they develop and grow as individuals. Dr. Aickin joins his colleagues eagerly in engaging in scholarly activities, all for the purpose of enhancing and influencing learning and teaching.

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