Glenn Lee

Web Developer and Software Engineer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Thanks for stopping by my about page! I’m Glenn Lee, a software developer and engineer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I created this page so you could learn more about me, and my latest project—LoadView.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by building websites and tinkering with computers. I went to school for Computer Science with an emphasis in AI Engineering. While I briefly dabbled in the area of creating an AI engine for app searches, I found that my true passion lies in optimizing the performance of hardware and websites. As time went on, I got together with other engineers and brainstormed the idea for LoadView—a load testing tool like none other.

In a nutshell, LoadView was created to help people do two things: load testing and stress testing of websites, web servers, and more. You might be asking yourself—“what’s the difference between load and stress testing?” If so, that’s a great question! Essentially, load testing is applying a controlled load to a website, web server, etc. and measuring the performance of that website or web server under that load. Stress testing takes that one step further as load is applied to a website or web server until it crashes in order to find out the breaking point and also to help with capacity planning.

I’ve developed other SaaS products in the past both on my own and as part of various start-ups, but I have to say that LoadView-Testing is the thing that I’m most proud of so far. In the future, I might get more back into AI research and development, but it really depends on the future of the industry. As many other people have said, there are risks and dangers when it comes to AI as well, so a lot of my interest lies in trying to advance AI while actually protecting the world from an AI apocalypse, as many people have called it.

So, for now, I’m just a web performance engineer who has a passion for creating great products and my eyes on the horizon for some sort of AI path. Aside from computer engineering, AI, and web performance, I really enjoy cooking and eating Thai food. I have to say that my favorite is a simple chicken pad Thai, but it usually tastes much better when I eat out rather than cooking it myself, although I’m getting better at cooking. I’ve even considered taking a cooking class recently to help improve my skills!

Well, anyway, that’s enough “about me” for now. Hopefully you’ll check back as this page grows and becomes a sort of interesting, online bio!