Gavin Lockhart

Dublin, Ireland

Hi my name is Gavin Lockhart and I would like to welcome you to my blog. I would describe myself as a partial entrepreneur and social media & SEO enthusiast. I have a MSc in E-Commerce from Dublin City University with a passion for technology and anything online/mobile. With a great interest in business and holding an undergraduate degree in Marketing, I like to approach the web in a strategic manner.

Where my passion for the Web and SEO came from started from developing and managing sites for a beauty salon in Swords, Dublin and a crash repair garage in Ranelagh, Dublin. Both of these projects where taken on by me free of charge to help out two businesses in need. With very little development experience, I basically taught myself how to build website (not saying I am an expert, but better than most). After building my first site I realised that the site didn't appear in Google for search terms which led me to a whole new concept to me Search Engine Optimisation. My interest in this area grew and grew as I was fascinated with how search engines work. This is what motivated me to take the step to study a Masters in this area. Now owning a business in this area I have furthered my passion into a career and hope to continue this into the future.

For more info about me, my sites and how to reach out to me see some of my online profiles below. Also check out my blog, which covers many topics including SEO, PPC and WordPress Development.

  • Work
    • SEO & PPC Specialist
  • Education
    • MSc E-Commerce, Dublin City University