Logan LaPlante

Lake Tahoe

Hi. You probably ended up here because you saw my TEDx talk. I thought it would get maybe 1,000 views. Ooops! Guess I should have cut my hair. Live and learn.

Frequently asked questions:

Will you come speak at our conference, school, or event? I'm happy to consider all invitations however I have to balance it with my school and projects. Use the "email me" link above to get in contact.

Where can I "hackschool"? Anywhere, anytime. It's a mindset. Make the world better. Less talk, more walk. Volunteering at a nonprofit is a great start.

Logan LaPlante is taking a different path in his education. He combines the “hacker mindset” with a network of do-it-yourself friends, family, and community organizations to optimize for health, happiness, and creativity. He calls it “hackschooling”.

A competitive freeskier from Lake Tahoe, Logan and his brother Cody enjoy skiing, mountain biking, skating, backpacking, and camping. Where possible Logan looks to learn more about design, writing, film, and photography.

  • Work
    • BigTruck Brand
  • Education
    • Woodward Tahoe
    • Alpine Big Mountain Team