Lolly Jean

Lolly Jean

If you were to ask me where I want to be in 5 years, all I could tell you is that I want to be working to better the lives of others - if that is through social media or writing or raising money or getting my hands dirty, I'm all for it (I'd also LOVE to work for Oprah or O Magazine one day - Heyyy Oprah!).

I grew up an athlete: basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, track & field and volleyball. Not feeling fulfilled I turned to dance and then modeling, all while documenting my life online through blogs, diaries, and social networks. I loved playing sports and adored being in front of the camera but, for me, it has always been the written (typed) word and the Internet that have remained constant.

My life will never be the same thanks to social media:

• I wouldn't be connected to so many incredible people, nor would I have met Katy Perry, Sophia Bush, Donnie Wahlberg and some of the most AMAZING souls on the planet.

• I wouldn't have raised over $4,000 (and counting) for charities and non-profits I support.

• I probably wouldn't have ran in the San Francisco Marathon

• I certainly would have never dreamed to be published in O Magazine.

In summary, I believe my purpose is to bring joy, and sometimes sarcasm, to the lives of others however I can.

Please feel free to get in touch!