Frank Lonardelli

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Frank Lonardelli is a Calgary-based commercial real estate investor with more than a decade of experience in commercial real estate investment. Frank is also founder and owner of Arlington Street Investments Inc. (ASI), a successful commercial real estate investment firm owning and managing an expanding number of development projects in the downtown and beltline areas of Calgary.

Frank Lonardelli was an athletic kid who was raised by a single mother in Winnipeg along with three sisters. A talented volleyball player, Frank earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Winnipeg, and upon graduating with a Political Science degree, Frank used the same sense of determination and focus he brought to athletics to begin his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Founding his own food, coffee and vending service company, Frank successfully expanded the company until it was one of the largest of its type in the Winnipeg region. Seeking fresh investment openings, at the age 27, Frank began to pursue new business opportunities in the real estate market.

At first concentrating solely on the residential market, Frank bought his first piece of property, and began quickly expanding his portfolio from there. Within several years, Frank owned a number of residential properties along a busy thoroughfare in Winnipeg, and when a developer presented him with an offer to buy his properties, it proved an opportune time for Frank to explore a completely brand new market.

In 2000, Frank did just that and made a move to Calgary. It was a transition that also prompted a shift in business focus for him. Instead of resuming an interest in residential properties, Frank ambitiously set his sights on the city’s commercial real estate market.

In order to execute his investment and management ambitions, Frank formed Arlington Street Investments Inc. (ASI), a commercial real estate management firm named after the street he grew up on with his mother and sisters.

Since its founding, Arlington Street Investments has worked hard to be known for their real estate selection process. Providing returns for their investors is of utmost importance, and for that reason, Frank and ASI selects only the development projects that promise strong cash flow and a strong upside potential.

  • Work
    • CEO of Arlington Street Investments
  • Education
    • University of Winnipeg