Kevin Korpi

Saitama, Japan

LonelyBob is not my real name, actually my name isn't Bob either, my given name is Kevin. LonelyBob is a nick name I had in high school and have chosen to use it as my online handle for many years.

Child of the 80's, grew up on Long Island, NY; went to Plattsburgh University in upstate NY where I spent a few years fighting the cold winters; tinkering with various programming languages, GNU/Linux desktops and servers until graduating with a Computer Science Degree; and falling in love with a hard working, intelligent woman from Japan.

In the Summer of 2004 I married my wife, after which we moved to Japan beginning our adventure together. Since leaving the US in Fall 2004 I've experienced some amazing, wonderful, and strange things in Japan as it has grown to become my home. I enjoy listening to Podcasts (or Netcasts) especially TWiT and; playing the occasional video game on my Wii, DS, or Playstation 3; watching SciFi movies; and keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and web services.

  • Education
    • SUNY Plattsburgh