Cleaning company in Suffolk County, NY

Long Island Clean - your Vacation Rental Cleaning experts and much much more!

We specialize in keeping your house clean and fresh, always ready for your next guest!

Simply give us your calendar & keys then relax!


*We'll clean your home before and after each guests stay. Our basic deep cleaning services include:

-Wash, dry, fold towels on-site

-Wash, dry, fold bedding on-site

-Make beds

-Remove food left in refrigerator

-Clean refrigerator & microwave both inside and out

-Load & unload dishwasher

-Mop &/or Vacuum floor surfaces

-Disinfect & clean kitchen

-Disinfect & clean bathrooms

-Polish & shine faucets, sinks, tubs

-Clean mirrors

-Remove garbage

-Restock owners soap, toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, washing detergent

-Wipe baseboards

-Dust reachable ceiling fans

-Ensure doors are locked and property is secured

-Notification of any items left behind

-Provide pictures verifying every cleaning


**Additional Deep cleaning services are provided by requests and at additional costs. They may include:

-Inside cabinet/drawer cleaning

-Inside reachable window cleaning

-Taking garbage to the curb

-Cleaning outdoor furniture

-Cleaning outdoor deck

-Cleaning outdoor grill

-Washing dishes

-Wash & Dry Quilts/Comforters

-Deep cleaning from Pet Guests


** Cleaning services during your Guest stay.

-We are respectful of personal belongings. Cleaning general areas as specified by guests.


** Janitorial Services -New 2020

Protect your Family and Employees!

Along with refraining from close personal contact (6ft rule) it's so important to sanitize those surfaces/objects in our surroundings and avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouths as well as thoroughly washing our hands. These precautions may help avoid serious risks of contracting illnesses and viruses.

You do your part now let us do ours, CLEAN.

Hire us and together we can keep the work spaces of Long Island Clean!



Deborah Scott, CEO

631 600-3880


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