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Long Island Clean - your Vacation Rental Cleaning experts and much much more!

We specialize in keeping your house clean and fresh, always ready for your next guest!

Simply give us your calendar & keys then relax!


*We'll clean your home before and after each guests stay. Our basic deep cleaning services include:

-Wash, dry, fold towels on-site

-Wash, dry, fold bedding on-site

-Make beds

-Remove food left in refrigerator

-Clean refrigerator & microwave both inside and out

-Load & unload dishwasher

-Mop &/or Vacuum floor surfaces

-Disinfect & clean kitchen

-Disinfect & clean bathrooms

-Polish & shine faucets, sinks, tubs

-Clean mirrors

-Remove garbage

-Restock owners soap, toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, washing detergent

-Wipe baseboards

-Dust reachable ceiling fans

-Ensure doors are locked and property is secured

-Notification of any items left behind

-Provide pictures verifying every cleaning


**Additional Deep cleaning services are provided by requests and at additional costs. They may include:

-Inside cabinet/drawer cleaning

-Inside reachable window cleaning

-Taking garbage to the curb

-Cleaning outdoor furniture

-Cleaning outdoor deck

-Cleaning outdoor grill

-Washing dishes

-Wash & Dry Quilts/Comforters

-Deep cleaning from Pet Guests


** Cleaning services during your Guest stay.

-We are respectful of personal belongings. Cleaning general areas as specified by guests.


**House Check Ups done by our sister company, (LI.PS) Long Island Property Services.

-"Check Up" on your house can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. All Check Ups are completed with an on site phone call/text and followup pictures.



Deborah Scott, CEO

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