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Can children easily learn how to play guitar? They may, but in most time it´s difficult for them because a regular guitar is too big for them. But, thanks to Loog, now children have an opportunity to learn with special guitar adapted to their needs.

Loog´s guitars are three-string guitars for children that rock. They have been designed to play music in an easy and fun way. It comes with an APP to play songs from the very first day. The company has operations in United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Argentina and Uruguay.

Loog guitar´s mission is to make playing music easy and fun for anyone.

Loog was born as an academic project in 2010 when Rafael Atijas, a Uruguayan student, developed the concept in his master's thesis at the University of New York. The fact that the Loog guitar has been conceived in a university explains a lot about the culture of the company: its main objective is not to obtain the highest profitability, but to offer a unique and well-designed product.

In March 2011, Loog guitar was released on Kickstarter, a fundraising website for creative projects. The entrepreneurs set themselves the goal of raising USD 15,000 and they ended up raising USD 65,618 with people from all over the world who believed in the project and wanted to bring this idea to life. Thanks to them, Loog Guitars is now a reality.

The engine of Loog Guitars is the passion for music and sustainable design. The company only uses wood from responsible forests and it is committed to meet (or even exceed) the safety and quality standards required by legal regulations.

Overall, the team is proud and excited to offer customers their guitars and they really hope that customers love them as much as they do.

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