Loos Guccreen

IT in Genève, Suisse

Loos Guccreen

IT in Genève, Suisse

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Hi ! My nick is Loos Guccreen, welcome on my page.

If you want to interact with me, you'll most likely to find me on Twitter. I also stream from time to time on Twitch.

I was born in November 1989, which means I remember stuff like World Cup 1998 but not the fall of Berlin's Wall (I missed if not from much). I live in Geneva, Switzerland and I do IT support for a living.

One of my hobbies is photo (on a very amateur-ish level). The background on this page is from me! I don't have a portfolio or something like that, I just take photos from time to time. I use a Canon EOS 700D with an 18-135mm lens (yeah I know fixed focus are the best blah blah). I also use a lot my iPhone 8 to take photo. Don't hesitate to judge me.

Another one of my hobbies is streaming and playing vidyagaems (when my job allows it). I'm part of the staff from Le French Restream which organize restreams in French for events like the Games Done Quick, RPG Limit Break, etc.

And also, as a very interesting and original person, I enjoy mangos and animu and yes you can hate me for that, it's ok.

I like to pretend I'm able to speak English and French quite fluently (French is my native language so I guess it's ok, but my English is a big deception).

Oh and if you ever wondered, my nick is an acronym of "Uncle Scrooge", because I really love this character (specifically the comics from Don Rosa). Don't bother trying to pronounce the "Guccreen" part, you risk to hurt your jaw.

Probably the most important thing of all this: feel free to follow me on Twitter! If you interact, I'll follow back (most of the time).