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nternational tourists who wish to visit Barbados must have a Barbados ED Card. This card can be used to access services and facilities at Barbados's airports and seaports. The issuer of this card is the Barbados International Airport Company (BAIC). For many years, the card has assisted people to travel between the different parts of Barbados and it also helps them during check-in and check-out times. The services offered by the BAIC have greatly improved with the increase in tourists to the island nation.

The Barbados International Airport Company is a division of the Government of Barbados, and it aims to improve the efficiency of the immigration process at the Barbados airport by ensuring that all procedures are executed efficiently. With the help of the Barbados and card, travelers can obtain information about the necessary requirements of the country during their stay in Barbados and can then proceed to the immigration office of the Barbados International Airport. There are three branches of the BAIC: the Domestic Barbados Branch, the Overseas Barbados Branch, and the International Barbados Branch. To obtain an International Airport Identification Card, (IAIC), all travelers to Barbados must visit one of these branches. The International Airport Identification Card, (IAIC), issued by the BAIC contains important information such as the holder's name, date, birth, passport or any other documents required to travel, as well as photo identification and contact details such e-mail address and phone number, fax number and mailing address.

The International Airport in Barbados has been operating since 1963 and was one of the first airports in Barbados to be equipped with an Air Traffic Control Centre (ATC). The ATC was installed as a result of the burgeoning trade activity that took place in Barbados, and this is where all incoming visitors' flight information is recorded. This system can be used at all airports around the world. Even at Barbados International Airport, pas