Lorene Hill

Artist and Designer in Daytona Beach, Florida

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Tell our visitors a little about yourself. Married, kids, grand kids, past occupation(s), etc…

Lorene: I have one son from my first marriage and another son from my second marriage. . . 1 grandson, whom I have legal custody and am raising as my own. I am glad you asked about my occupations. I started in Banking, for perhaps 10 years. I went to Automobile Insurance, at least 25+ years and the last place I worked was The One Stop Career Center in DeLand, Florida. . . for the Unemployed and those on Public Assistance. I gave out hugs, I held hands, I sat in the floor with those who collapsed – I loved each and every one, going above and beyond to find or give help. My name spread far and wide as the best person to go and see. . . I am disabled now and on Disability but to this day whenever someone sees me in the area. . . I will hear a shout, “Miss Lorene!” and turn to see people smiling and waving, from my past.

F. Kenneth/W.L: It has to make you feel good knowing you were able to help so many people, and years later, they haven’t forgotten you.

You were born in St. Louis, grew up in Detroit, and currently live in Florida; if you don’t mind me asking, what inspired the move from Detroit to Florida? Do you still have a lot of family in St. Louis?

Lorene: I was born in St. Louis. My mother threw me out of the house as a preteen and I went to live with my father who moved his family to Detroit, Michigan. I do have a very large amount of family living in St. Louis on both my Father and Mother’s side. My life has been difficult, but. . .I found happier times in Detroit. After an experience with a morally reprehensible first husband I escaped to Florida where my Father and Family had moved.

F. Kenneth/W.L: It’s unfortunate, you’ve had such a rough life, but your difficult times have made you a better and stronger person today.

Your bio relays that you have a sincere heart for people experiencing any form of duress; how have you come to be such a caring person within today’s hostile society?

Lorene: First, Faith! I had to believe from a young age that our God has a purpose for everything and everybody. Secondly, I’ve had a lifetime of duress. Emotionally, I know I am scarred. I hear people discuss the nam

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