Loretta Proctor

Malvern, UK

I was born in Cairo, Egypt and came to Britain during a very cold winter. Quite a contrast to the heat of Cairo and my first ever view of snow! My father was from England and met my mother in Athens, Greece during the Second World War, fell in love at first sight and married her at once. You can read about their ill-fated romance on my website www.lorettaproctor.co.uk.

You'll find nature plays a large part in my poetry and other writings but I also love art and images, ruins, and the great, passionate love stories about complex and deep feeling women. Writing is for me a process of self-exploration. That’s why I say it is soul substance. In adult life, I studied the works of Jung, Goethe, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, The Geeta and all those poets and writers who expressed their ideas and experiences of the soul. It’s been said that the journey is more important than the goal. This inner journey into the labyrinthine parts of the psyche is often terrifying and dangerous. But it is also filled with laughter, beauty and meetings with extraordinary people. I have been fortunate to have met some wonderful teachers and spiritual guides on my way. I thank them all.

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    • St Angela's Convent Grammar, London