Lori Nazemetz

Personal Trainer, Owner of Dragon Fighting Systems, and Fitness Instructor in Huntersville, NC, USA

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Dragon Fighting Systems is currently owned and operated by Lori Nazemetz. In her current residence, she resides with her husband and children in Huntersville, North Carolina. Even though she is most well-known for her business today, she was also well-known during her time as a cheerleader for the National Football League (NFL), which she did from 1997 to 2000.

A large part of Nazemetz's knowledge and experience comes in the shape of diet and exercise. She has always enjoyed staying in shape and has engaged in a variety of activities throughout her young adult life. It was because of this that she was chosen to be a cheerleader for the NFL. She gained a tremendous deal of knowledge about nutrition and fitness while working there, and she has transferred many of those talents to her current employment.