Lorinda De Guzman

Contact No: +63 915 739 3781

Email: lorindadeguzman@gmail.com

Location: Manila, Philippines

Yellow Sugar Rush


Fun FACTS About ME:

born new years eve of 1982

got hitched at the age of 23

first gave birth at age 24

is left-handed

has a naturally wavy hair and is now Rebonded!

is jogging from Luneta to MOA then goes back to Luneta as a training for her next running event

has got a FaceBook page even though shes not really that POPULAR (yet!). So PLEASE, "LIKE IT!"

an aspiring writer

spends more time in a Variety Store owned by in-laws while Facebooking and surfing a lot!

loves messing around (in a good way)

is supersweet to her husband

is a Kerygma Feast PICC goer

loves daughter Emily for her cuteness and naughty attitude

loves daughter Ashly for her adorable smile and sweetness

is "valorinda" on skype, gtalk and yahoo messenger

is always on the noisy list during her elementary and high school days

loves her family so much (who doesn't!)

is a Junior Platoon Leader during CAT times (so high school!)

has a red birthmark in her right arm

worked at Kenny Rogers, Jollibee, Cindys, Bench, and SM Department Store while in College

is now working at Convergys Philippines

has reached the maximum characters!