"The bus driver reboarded and shut the door, and the sign above the windshield began scrolling through destinations, unpronounceable and unknown. Dean watched them go by, wondering how old these backwater places were, how far away, and if they were far enough. Like the third spinning band of a slot machine, the rolling display came to rest. Cappadocia."

Act like nothing's wrong.

When Carmen Baruk is thrown to the wolves by her graduate advisor her academic future falls into a rut as deep as a Cappadocian ravine. Her best friend Dean disappears after using her nascent algorithm to replace human detectives, leaving all his possessions and high-tech pretense behind. Carmen, Dean, and their incomplete dreams slip far underground, but somewhere out of sight is a force that will retrieve them, draw them together again, and give Carmen an opportunity to finish what she started. In its service.

In Cappadocia, Charles Lewis leads us through a world of grandiose aspirations and low lives. His characters navigate technology and trauma with overconfidence and self-destructive caprice until it is much too late.

Charles Lewis is from Chicago and currently resides in Harlem, New York. When he is not writing code for a living, he sporadically writes articles for his friends at and participates in the NSK State project. His favorite things post-Sandy are: having electricity, public transportation.

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