Lou Draper


I'm Lou. I've owned loads of businesses across loads of different industries. I have celebrated plenty of wins and picked myself up from a bag of failures, too. My old agency in Auckland was called Rockstar PR and it was lots of fun but lots of hard work, too. At the same time I owned a mobile espresso truck and was a freelance makeup artist, so life was very busy. I moved to Wellington in 2010 to set up my family and now I've got a new brand that I operate under. That's called LOUD in Public. I've moved into a great space on The Terrace with an amazing crew and I'm really excited about my future. I'm doing this project called #fiftycoffees where I meet fifty people for a coffee or similar and talk about my business goals, see how I can help others and get their input and ideas into my business to help it really succeed. I'd like to have coffee with you, too. Outside of Wellington and New Zealand are totally welcome! Skype is a beautiful thing.

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