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Travel restrictions have been relaxed for most countries in the world. But, Greece is ripe with tourist destinations and hence all the tourists should fill up a Greece Passenger Locator Form(LPF). The tourists who are allowed to enter the Greek territorial waters will need to fill up and file the relevant form online at least 48hours before reaching the country. The form can be applied for in several ways. You can contact your nearest branch or tourist office or you can get in touch with the Greece Hotels Department which will guide you better. Depending on the method you choose, there are different fees and requirements.

First, fill out the form as completely and accurately. Follow the instructions. You may be asked for proof of residence, a valid travel card, driving licence, a copy of the invitation to the country, and a passport. If you are a non-residential tourist, the Greece passenger locator form will require your passport photo. You can also file the application online. Once you have received confirmation about your application, download and print it. Make sure to laminate it so it is not damaged.

When you reach Athens either by plane or road, you will have to go through customs and catch a flight to the city center. You should bring all necessary documents so you can present them at check-in. As per the law, your passport will be required once you arrive at the airport. So, ensure that you have your passport with you before leaving the airport. This is vital as you won't be able to look at your documents if you don't have it.

Once you are in the city center, you can catch a train to get to the port at Piraeus. Once there catch a train, you need to hop off to another train to reach the area of Kerkyra. The final leg of the journey will take to you to Famagusta. However, when you arrive at the place there is another train called Nicosia where you will have to ride. Make sure you also take this train to travel towards the Grecian border. You should know by now that you cannot leave Greece without taking a train. It is one of the most important ways to travel to other European countries.